Jon McPherson: Blog en-us (C)JonFromNapa Photography (Jon McPherson) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT Jon McPherson: Blog 120 101 Amelia Ceja Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman, Amelia Ceja. We toured her Carneros Estate where she spoke about the story of her family's deep roots in the Napa Valley. It was an inspiring story of adversity and family sticking together. She explained how her family got into grape growing and ultimately winemaking, but most importantly, food. We walked the property where I helped her collect fresh vegetables from her incredibly productive garden, and tasted fruit from the very vineyard that makes the wine that we later tasted.  

Everything Amelia speaks about is with Passion, but you can tell that food has an almost spiritual connection to her. She speaks about how she loves to nurture and provide for her friends and family by creating beautiful meals with fresh whole ingredients. 

Tonight I get to document the preparation of her harvest party meal and hopefully taste the final product.



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Davis Family It's no secret that I love photographing Cowen, he makes it so easy to get amazing photos. Just put him in something cute and he's an instant model, hamming it up for the camera. This time, mom and dad got to join in the fun and we got some great family photos! Here are just a few to hold everyone over.


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Sonoma Wine Country Weekend Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is a celebration of all things wine and food, and a chance for people to come together to flex their donation muscles. This year was no exception with the auction raising $4.6 Million. This money makes its way back into the community through many different channels and supports many different community organizations including children's education initiatives.

The day is all about fundraising for the community, but it is a hell of a party! From great local wine (*obviously) to amazing food, fun people, interesting sights, decorations, and entertainment. The auction had something to engage all your senses. Below are a few of my favorite photos of the day. Enjoy! 

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Napa Green Press Event Napa Green is a program run by the Napa Valley Vintners that preserves and protects the valuable resources of the Napa Valley. Napa Green partners with many local organizations to promote the well being of the area through education. 

Today they hosted a group of various representatives of the press to learn about Napa Green programs such as "green" vineyard pest management via falconry, organic fertilizers through the use of animals and partnerships with local organizations that was explained on a kayak tour of the Napa River. 

All in all, a very fun educational afternoon in the Napa Valley. Enjoy the photos!


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ANV 2016  

Auction Napa Valley 2016 was a huge success raising $14.3 million, and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. Napa Valley Vintners is an organization whose sole function is to enhance and protect the well being of the community that they live in. In their long history they have given over $150 million to local charities. 2016 was a fantastic party, and a chance for generous individuals to give back

Thanks again to Napa Valley Vintners for having me participate in such a worthy event, already looking forward to next year!






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Little Ladies Tea Parties I am excited to be working with Little Ladies Tea Parties.

They throw the cutest parties for your little birthday girl with all the goodies included. I'm hoping to photograph many more of their parties to come. Click the link above to book a party if you want a cuteness overload at your house!

Here are a few photos from our photo shoot to show some off her new themes. Feel free to see the rest of the photos HERE or by clicking on the slideshow below. 

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Yager engagement! These two were so much fun to shoot! They're so excited to see the pictures, so even though I had a ton of other things to do today, I had to get them just one as a sneak peak. 

Can't wait to show you guys the rest! I'll get to them soon so you can share them with everyone. Congratulations to the happy couple! 

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Simms Ink photo shoot I was asked to do some marketing photos for Simms Ink recently and had a great time shooting these two crews. They were both great and the shops looked amazing. I was very impressed with how both tattoo shops are kept. If you ever need any tattoo work done, you should definitely make sure to look them up. 

Click for Hayward Studio

Click for Napa Studio 

Here are a few photos from the shoot. 



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New Website is live!! I've spent a lot of time editing, tweaking and getting things just right, but I've finally gotten to a place where I can say the new site is live! 

I've edited the style, added some pages and now have a client proofing gallery that you can order prints directly from. I'm very happy with the new site which will allow me to share my work better, as well as allow clients to see the shoots easier. 

Looking forward to adding new clients to list. If you need any work done, shoot me an email! 


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